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Stratman Partners Executive Coaching's mission is helping clients set powerful goals and deliver on their promises. Stratman Partners is committed to creating focused and personalized coaching that cultivates and refines each client's unique leadership style and addresses the challenges of the client's businesses. We believe that day in and day out superb execution of business fundamentals separates the winners from everyone else. We avoid buzz words and "flavor of the day" business gimmicks that may sell books but are soon forgotten when the bullets start to fly. Our goal is to imbue each client relationship with tAbout Stratman Partnershe tools to reach their highest potential, especially when the heat is on.

Stratman Partners firmly believes in the power of life-long learning.  Executive coaching is designed to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses, to set strong aspirations and to progress along targeted paths to achieve the goals.  It is a rich, full and detailed experience that occurs over time, giving the process exposure to a broad range of real-world situations.  This level of focus on your leadership produces immediate and lasting performance results.

Our process begins with in-depth, in-person client interviews with the coach.  The client independently completes an assessment package.  One-on-one, 360° interviews are conducted by the coach with peers, superiors and subordinates to obtain clear and anonymous feedback regarding the client's strengths and weaknesses as perceived by the people who work directly with the client in different capacities.  The client, coach and an experienced clinical psychologist meet to discuss the analyzed findings.  Based on what is revealed through this rigorous initial process, the  leadership goals of the coaching relationship are mutually established.

Stratman Partners' clients meet with their coaches at least every three weeks.  However, the clients have access to their coaches whenever the need arises to discuss breaking situations in their business on a real-time basis.  Stratman Partners' emphasis on real-world business issues field-tests our clients' progress even as it is occurring.     

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