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Stratman Partners is engaged in multiple media outlets as part of creating a full and detailed conversation on leadership with our clients and others in the Leadership community.  This location will feature Tim Stratman's written blog (The Executive Challenge), his video blog, articles he authored and various media by others that compliment and enhance the Leadership conversation.

The Media section is here to give you a detailed look into how Stratman Partners feels about relevant leadership topics.  For people unfamiliar with Stratman Partners Executive Coaching, it gives you a good sense of  our views on specific areas of business life.  For our clients and partners, this area serves as a reminder and refresher of areas we have touched on together. 

Stratman Partners believe continuous learning is a two-way street.  Please respond with your thoughts, ideas, questions and comments on Tim Stratman's blog, The Executive Challenge.  We all learn more when many views are included in the mix. 

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