Mission and Values

Stratman Partners Executive Coaching embraces simple, powerful beliefs:

Stand for Something Big

Executives and companies must stand for something compelling, powerful, virtuous, and valuable. If you were gone tomorrow, what would be left behind? If a young person is looking to start their career, why would they "walk on hot coals" to work for you? If a random executive on your team was asked to describe what you stand for, what would she say? We believe every leader has an inspirational Purpose.

This isn't a Dress Rehearsal...

Time waits for no one. None of us will get the chance to "go back and do it all again". The time to transform yourself and your firm is now. We believe that by recognizing the finite nature of our lives with both the head and heart, we are committing to making every day-indeed every moment-count. We believe in NOW.

Learn from History ....don't get stuck in it

There is no other teacher that can compare with history. What has gone before us provides an almost limitless amount of inspiration, wisdom, and opportunity. Whether it is our own personal history, the history of your company, world history, or any other form, executives must study and learn from the past. But you are making your own history RIGHT NOW. Don't get stuck in the past. History should challenge us to expand, grow, and transform, not give us a reason to stay put. We believe in the power of history.

Reality is your ally...

Seeing reality clearly is a tremendous challenge. Left to our own devises, we can rationalize just about everything. However, great leaders know that facing the truth and taking action is incredibly liberating and inspirational to those around them. We believe reality is our ally.

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